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May 06, 2022
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Milkster Coffee Franchise

Milkster MOD Nitrogen Creamery + Coffee

Drive Thru & Walk up Coffee Franchise

When Milkster began focusing on a drive-thru solution for the dessert world, they set out to disturb not only the dessert industry, but the conventional building norms as well.

Milkster wanted their building to reflect the quality and uniqueness of their products. Their goal is not only for it to be an instant brand billboard, but also be sustainable, versatile, practical and affordable. This led to the Milkster MOD.

MOD is short for modular which is a structure that is pre-manufactured and is versatile. By pre-manufacturing in a factory and then delivering it to the preferred site, they are able to control every aspect of the building including quality, unique features, timelines, repeatability, portability and most importantly, affordable prices.

Not only will the buildout of a new store take less time, but it will also be delivered to the franchisee basically turnkey, without the headaches of managing the process. In addition, the customer ends up owning an asset that can be relocated if desired.

The MOD features a drive-thru and a walk-up window. However, Milkster customers will still be able to experience the theatrics of the ice cream making process they’ve come to love through built in features like a large display window as well as a live video feed on the drive-thru side.

The Milkster MOD features a full-scale, third-wave coffee shop & creamery in one.

The nimble Milkster MOD coffee franchise takes less footprint than a conventional building and can be placed on a busy road, in a large retailer parking lot, or anywhere it brings value to your community.

Benefits of a Milkster Coffee Franchise

  • Dashboard access to franchisee community & resources
  • Proprietary system for maximum efficiency and product output
  • Full staff training & opening support
  • Ongoing full support for marketing and store operations
  • You pick the location, and they’ll take it from there to deliver your turnkey location
  • A proprietary modular building fully equipped that you own and can be relocated if needed
  • Coffee shop & Nitrogen Creamery drive thru and walk-up window
  • Large display window and live feed to showcase the nicecream making “show”
  • Iconic branded building that changes colors at the touch of a button
  • Small footprint for affordable land leases and/or purchases
  • Additional building upgrades like a party room or lobby
  • Solid sustainable building and finishes with low maintenance costs

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment (Liquid): $25,000
  • Minimum Net Worth: $100,000

Take the next step towards owning a Milkster Coffee franchise

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